Enslaved by Sansa Rayne

Enslaved by Sansa Rayne

Usa: 2018

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Genere: Dark Romance


Data di Uscita: 4 dicembre 2018

Enslaved by Sansa Rayne

They may own me, but they’ll never control me


I tried running, but he followed me. I hid, but he found me. I couldn’t escape, so I defended myself. Now he’s in a coma, and I’m in prison.

Except, the Walker Center isn’t a normal jail. In here, inmates work. Twelve hours a day, every day. If we misbehave, vicious guards punish us. They strip away our dignity, turn us against each other and rob us of our sanity. No one leaves, except as property.

My only hope may be Reed Nolan, an unapologetic sadist on a mission to break my spirit. He torments me every day, delighting in my pain. Defying him awakens intoxicating, dark desires.

My perverse need to be dominated becomes my secret weapon, with every stroke of his whip powering my will to survive, to fight the evil of this place. 

My captors are going to pay for what they’ve done. I want to open Reed’s eyes, to turn him against the monster he serves, but if I can’t, I won’t let anyone stand in my way…


For most of my life, I’ve called Lance Prescott a friend. His father, a popular congressman, got me my job at the Walker Center. If not for him, I’d have nothing. So when I learn Lance will never wake again, I vow to make Quinn Harris suffer.

I don’t expect her to resist her captivity, to overcome the despair and hopelessness of her new reality. And when she tells me what really happened to Lance that night, my whole world begins to unravel.

Falling for Quinn means questioning everything I thought I knew about the Prescotts, the prison and all their crimes. To win her love, I’ll have to face the hardest truth of all: that I’ve been a villain, not a hero.

Helping Quinn means challenging a massive criminal conspiracy. They’re not afraid to make people disappear – they’ll bury anyone who threatens their empire.

Fighting them could cost me everything, but I’ve been complicit in their evil for too long. I’ll do anything to bring them down – even if it means gambling with our lives…

“Quinn Harris, my name is Reed Nolan. I know what you did and why you’re here. My job is to make you suffer through every minute of your residence. What you’re going to learn very quickly is that I love my job.”

Quinn Harris é nei guai fino al collo.
Al posto sbagliato e al momento sbagliato, ha la sfortuna di trovare sul suo cammino la peggior specie di individuo: il ricco che grazie al potere pensa di essere Dio.

Grazie al cielo, l’istinto e i riflessi di Quinn hanno la meglio e lei riesce a mettersi in salvo. Per finire però dalla padella alla brace.

Un giudice corrotto e un uomo il cui senso del giusto é totalmente obnubilato dall’eccesso di potere e dalla vendetta, saranno giudice e boia di Quinn. E Reed, il carceriere maledetto che sa tirare i fili da bravo burattinaio, sarà infine la sua rovina.

“Quinn, by the time your sentence is over, you’ll wish you’d just let Lance rape you”.

Sanno però con chi hanno a che fare?

Una ragazza violata nell’animo e nel corpo, un masochismo latente che si fa avanti nel momento peggiore e cambia le carte in tavola, lavori forzati, schiavismo nascosto sotto al pelo di quell’acqua cristallina che spesso nasconde le peggiori nefandezze, e donazioni detraibili dalle tasse. Non state capendo niente, vero?

“What happens when all the horrors of this prison start to feel normal? What if I lose perspective on what matters? What if I become compliant?”

E allora tuffatevi nell’inferno di Sansa, soffrite, gioite e incazzatevi con e per Quinn.

Un dark romance davvero dark. Due protagonisti tosti che dovranno fare i conti con cambiamenti radicali inaspettati. Il nero che diventa bianco e il cattivo che ritorna buono. Che state aspettando? Quinn e Reed vi incateneranno alla loro storia.

Grazie Sansa per avermi donato una copia ARC! You rock!




Author: Cherry