Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas
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Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas

Emily Vargas has been taken captive. As part of his conditioning methods, her captor refuses to speak to her, knowing how much she craves human contact. He’s far too beautiful to be a monster. Combined with his lack of violence toward her, this has her walking a fine line at the edge of sanity.

Phoenix: Figli del Fuoco di Kathleen McGregor
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Phoenix – Figli del Fuoco di Kathleen McGregor

Il volo ombra Spar08 precipita sulle pendici del Vulcano Spurr, nell’ Alaska Range, dove, dall’alba del tempo, vive in solitudine Malik MacKay. Figlio sopravvissuto di un’antica e potente razza creata dal fuoco, Malik rinviene una superstite tra le macerie dell’aereo. Phoenix, questo il nome che legge su un braccialetto di plastica, è una giovane donna dal potere immenso e incontrollato. Soprattutto, per Malik, lei rappresenta l’unica occasione di riscatto per la propria stirpe. E guai agli uomini che cercheranno di ostacolarlo.

27001 - Welcome to Whitlock by Alaska Angelini
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27001 – Welcome to Whitlock by Alaska Angelini

Welcome (interjection) : 1. A word of greeting, as to ones’ arrival at a destination.
Whitlock (noun) : 1. A subterranean fortress within the base of a mountain, housing slaves for the cruel use of Masters who have purchased them through an auction. For reference, see to the 24690 series as you will get to experience the world first-hand.

La sopravvissuta
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La sopravvissuta di Miss Black

C’è un trauma, nel passato di Helen Spiro: i sei giorni in cui è stata prigioniera su una piattaforma petrolifera, sequestrata insieme al resto del personale da un gruppo di estremisti. Oltre a quel trauma c’è anche un incubo: il modo in cui la stampa scandalistica ha spolpato la sua vita quando è finalmente scesa a terra. Per sopravvivere ha dovuto scrivere un libro con la sua versione dei fatti e mettersi completamente a nudo.

Bait by Jade West
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Bait by Jade West

A stranger online. Dark hair and even darker eyes that knew my dirty desires before I did.
A fantasy that should never be spoken. But he pulled the confession from me.
And now he’s coming for me.
Rough. Dirty. Dangerous.

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Serie The Fallen Men by Giana Darling

Serie The Fallen Men by Giana Darling 1) Lessons in Corruption Usa: 2017 pag. 378…

Tyrant by TM. Frazier
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Tyrant by TM Frazier

I. Remember. Everything. Only now I wish I didn’t. When the fog is sucked away from my mind like smoke through a vacuum, the truth that has been beyond my reach for months finally reveals itself.
But the relief I thought I would feel never comes, and I’m more afraid now than I was the morning I woke up handcuffed in King’s bed.
Because with the truth comes dark secrets I was never meant to know.

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Sugar Daddies by Jade West

A sugar daddy website doesn’t seem a sound basis for an A1 life plan, but I’m a small town girl with big dreams, and there’s this one advert, this one crazy advert I can’t stop thinking about…
Two hot guys seeking their Little Miss Right.
Someone who can entertain them, amuse them, fit in with their corporate schedule.
And sex. They want sex.
Lots of sex.
Bonus, right? One major dose of epic win.

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Teach Me Dirty by Jade West

They tell me it’s unhealthy, just a stupid crush.
They tell me it’s infatuation, and will never come to anything.
Never mean anything.
Because what would I know, right?
I haven’t even finished school. I’m just a silly little girl.
And no little girl should want the things I want from him.
No little girl should have the thoughts I have…

Bang Gang by Jade West
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Bang Gang by Jade West

It’s one thing knowing your ex-boyfriend is a bit of a player, but it’s another thing altogether to find out he’s pimping himself out to anyone who’ll pay good money for it.
Not just himself, either. That would be far too regular for Darren Trent.
Darren Trent – my teenage sweetheart and father to my two young girls – is not just whoring himself out. Oh no. Darren Trent pimps himself out alongside four of his mechanic friends – all of them at the same time.
Five hot, sweaty mechanics at your service.
They call themselves the Bang Gang… you can imagine.